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What Parents Can Expect from a Residential Treatment Center

What Parents Can Expect from a Residential Treatment Center

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     If you are planning to take your child to a residential treatment center, there are some things you need to prepare yourself for. This method of treatment can be very effective because it allows the patient to work through issues and develop good habits over a relatively long period of time. As a parent, your role is to encourage your child while still dealing with the issue at hand. It is helpful if you know what to expect from a residential treatment center before you take this step.

     One of the first things that residential treatment centers do is assess the potential patient before admitting them. This gives them a chance to see if their treatment will be beneficial and to help you understand and have input into what some of the treatment goals should be. This first assessment may be a brief one, but more in-depth assessments will occur over time.

     You are going to get a list of rules, visitation schedules and contraband. Keep in mind that some fo the contraband is for the safety of other residents and not necessarily because of anything your own child has indicated. You are expected to adhere to the list of requirements and contraband.

     Family therapy is a large part of residential treatment programs. Your child needs your help and that means you are going to need to attend family sessions. While they work on their own individual problems, the family sessions are meant to help the family as a unit while still encouraging your child to keep up their efforts. Keep in mind that the family sessions are not meant to be instructional parenting sessions. Rather, they are meant to look at patterns in the family and how the family might modify those patterns to be more productive for everyone. These sessions will also include updates on patient progress and future goals.

     As a parent it may be hard to face that you may need to make some changes as well as your child. It is not a matter of blame, but a matter of taking the right steps from here on out. Go into the sessions and the concept of treatment with an open mind and a positive attitude while accepting that there is sure to be emotional meeting ahead of you.